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Ruparel Ariana
Shivaji Nagar, Parel, mumbai
MAHARERA : P51900003250
Carpet Area
3 CR*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Ruparel Ariana
Elegance has incarnated a royal realm. Now awaits the royal you. For those who are destined to rule. Not many get the opportunity to live life grand. Not many get a chance to live it fuller. Only a few get fortunate to experience opulence. And only a few get a dignified status. For those who have created a league of their own. For those who have earned esteem through their hard work and determination. For those who have taken an absolute command over their life. A royal life at Parel, Mumbai awaits them. Welcome to Ruparel Ariana and prepare yourself to embrace a luxurious empire. Prepare yourself to live a majestic life. Prepare yourself for a LIFE TO RULE.
Parel: The noble destination of best accessibility in the neighbourhood of South Mumbai
Parel in central Mumbai is one of the most happening real estate property buying destinations because of its closeness and easy connectivity to the rest of the city. Many Infrastructure companies and builders are showing a keen interest in having their development projects in Parel, Mumbai. This posh suburb provides a feeling of peace, harmony and a healthy lifestyle. The suburb is blessed with many beautiful parks and recent infrastructural developments have paved way for wider roads that ensure smooth traffic flow. Property prices over the years have shown annual appreciation in excess of 18% which makes Parel as a real estate address, a profitable buy.
While people look up to you for the heights you have achieved. The city seems down under your feet.
Gathering all the advantages of Parel, Ruparel Ariana is a unique constellation of all the conveniences tagged with the best connectivity. It is surely a world within reach. And it is purely a heaven to live.
Parel's vertical masterpiece. For the lords of premium lifestyle.
Behold the splendour of Ruperal Ariana. Where luxury is re-defined. Where every inch is moulded to perfection. And where unstinting luxury speaks about the grandness, sprawled all around it. With its massive height making it a 73 storeyed elegant tower, Ariana is all set to give you a life as majestic as kings. As grand as the grandness itself. To welcome an imperial life, welcome to Ruperal Ariana.
A post address of imperial lifestyle. Just for the royals like you.
The surroundings of South Mumbai offer a posh living experience to its residents. Being situated in the heart of South Mumbai i.e. Parel, Ruparel Ariana is a residential heaven for you. With a skyline of hi-rise towers around and dwelling with affluent class people, it is surely a kingdom where you can rule like a king.
To enjoy the limitlessness of the sky and the sea, just open the window.
The scintillating views of the calm sea with a limitless sky above, your eyes go on a mesmerising journey of most scenic views. The palatial homes of Ruparel Ariana not only provide a king-size lifestyle but also provide you with the panoramic views of the sea from every side to satiate your royal desires.
When luxuries of the world are at your feet, rule them with your fingertips.
A home is where luxury prevails and lifestyle enhances. The home automation system of Ruparel Ariana helps you control your home in a futuristic way. Now you can control the lighting, curtains, air-conditioners and other gadgets with your I-pad and live a worry-free majestic life.
To discover the high-class luxury and elegance. Come home to your luxurious kingdom.
Luxury at Ruparel Ariana can be seen everywhere, even on the floors. From most spacious living room to most luxurious bedrooms, everything tells the story of your fine taste and signature class. The Italian marble flooring in every room and dark-wood flooring in master bedrooms here showcases the class of living which you will be experiencing for a lifetime.
The nobles spent most of their time bathing. Discover why.
Elegance, comfort, style and luxury reflect an ultramodern living experience while you are at Ruparel Ariana. When your bathroom makes out to be more than just a necessity, it becomes the reflection of your lifestyle. Apart from its elegant bathtub and musical shower, the bathroom comes with ultramodern design, anti-skid tiled flooring, hot water geysers, exhaust fan and international class sanitary fittings from Hansgrohe to match up with your imperial lifestyle.
A royal kitchen. A place that makes way to your heart.
When your lifestyle becomes the statement of your fine taste, your kitchen also should proclaim the same. Not just a cooking place but the heart of your home, the modular kitchen at Ruparel Ariana is the best combination of functionality with elegance. The avant-garde glass shutter cabinets, full height designer tiles, sturdy granite platform, stainless steel branded sink, hob and chimney will provide you with all that suits your royal taste.
Take a sneak peek of your kingdom. From your silent realm of elegance.
Luxury comes to your private kingdom in abundance. Apart from the luxury of beautiful sea view outside, the fineness of Fenesta French windows also adds up more elegance in your luxurious lifestyle. Now you can enjoy your scenic views of outside in a more better way from your broad, full-height, sliding French windows of Ruparel Ariana.
The greener side of luxury. To experience the fresher side of life.
Enter in the lobby area and be received by the lush green vertical garden of Ruparel Ariana. Along with decorative fragrant flowers and plantations in the garden, a soul-soothing waterfall also flows besides. It's time to experience the greener side of life which is vertically placed to welcome you royally.
An experience that is just like your nature. Cool & calm.
Give your guests a warm welcome at the grand entrance lobby of Ruparel Ariana. The double-height air-conditioned lobby with ambient lighting and elegant Italian marble flooring will surely please your guests by its grandness.
Enjoy moon and stars over a cup of coffee. Explore the higher side of life.
Enjoy the sip of coffee or gaze the stars at night. Explore the astronomer in you while you are at Ruparel Ariana. The sky deck cafe on the terrace with a hi-end telescope will soon become your favourite leisure time. Come and explore the new concept of living.
A well protected grand castle for others. For you, your home.
When your home becomes your realm it should be safeguarded just as the kingdom. Equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, car-code scanners, biometric pass from the lobby, 24X7 CCTV and manned surveillance, video motion detection system, fire and burglar alarms, emergency exit points, intercom connections and electronic access control system gives you a life which is totally protected in every aspect, in every way.
Give your health, a world of fitness. Live life to the fullest.
For those who put health and happiness above everything, Ruparel Ariana has something extraordinary for them. Stroll in the health zone, take a refreshing dip in the temperature controlled swimming pool or rejuvenate yourself in spa, sauna and Jacuzzi. Life here ensures perfect health and happiness for you.
Your desire is to rule the world. Why should the weather be an exception?
Take a heavenly dip in the refreshing temperature controlled swimming pool and discover a new meaning of freshness at Ruparel Ariana. Feel the plunge of refreshment with continuous agitating water by submerged Jacuzzi cubes. Enjoy the water splashes while getting your body relaxed and senses revived.
Rejuvenate the noble style. Put your feet up and let your hair down.
Living a royal life is like enjoying the pleasures that soothe your soul, relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your body. Discover the royal style of rejuvenation at Ruparel Ariana. With soul-soothing therapies of the Ayurveda Spa, invigorating steam & sauna and enlivening Jacuzzi experience, life experiences a rebirth.
The powerhouse. For a powerful personality like you.
Flex your muscles. Shape your body. Stay fit and healthy. The hi-tech gymnasium with all the cardiovascular and physical training equipments will help you build your dream-physique. After all, kings should have a majestic persona and at Ruparel Ariana you will get all that builds your personality. That builds your status.
The manifestation of a royal hospitality. For your guests of honour.
Serve your guests the royal way at Ruparel Ariana. Wish them a pleasant stay every time they visit. The guest room here is the manifestation of grandness that reflects the lifestyle you enjoy. A fully-furnished room with concierge services available on a single call makes Ruparel Ariana the Signature-class home of honour & hospitality. Discover it.
You have conquered the real world. Now it's time for the virtual.
For those who prefer to create an edge above others, here's a cutting-edge technological entertainment for them. The virtual gaming zone at Ruparel Ariana is embellished with Wii-console which is a 7th generation technology in gaming. The Wii-console placed at the virtual gaming zone will give you motion-controlled gaming delight with a plethora of virtual games to play. So play your best shots as you have always played in your life. Enjoy.
Benefits of living the high-life. The theatre comes home.
Enjoy your evenings and holidays watching the latest movies and TV shows in your private theatre at Ruparel Ariana. Adorned with 72 inches LED TV and HD Audio-video system, the theatre comes with D2H connection that will broadcast all the favourite channels at your service. After all, kings should be entertained royally.
Be in the kingdom of fun, frolic and happiness. And be entertained like a king.
Gather with your friends. Arrange the parties. And live in your kingdom filled with fun, frolic and happiness. The fully air-conditioned multipurpose community party hall of Ruparel Ariana gives you a place for entertainment where you can invite your friends and throw parties in a most royal and majestic environment, attached to your home.
A refreshment zone in the sky. To let your happiness go sky-high.
Enjoy the refreshing tea, coffee and snacks while you enjoy the beautiful views of the sky and the city. At Ruparel Ariana, you can sit in the sky-cafeteria on the terrace and make your mornings and evenings more interesting and tasteful. After all, kings always have high-life to enjoy. And here's the one for you.
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Full-Serviced Concierge & Magnificent Waiting Lounge In Lobby
International Standard Security With Car-Code Scanner Entry & Biometric Pass In Lobby
Temperature Controlled Indoor Pool With Jacuzzi Cubes
World-class Gymnasium With Cardio Section & Personal Trainer
Designer Entrance Facade With Vertical Gardens & Waterfall
Ayurveda Spa With Massage Therapy, Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi
Private Theater With D2H Connection
Virtual Gaming Zone With Wii-Console
Multipurpose Community Party Room
Full Serviced Sky-Cafeteria With Exquisite Cabanas
Earthquake Resistant RCC Framed Structure
About Ruparel Realty
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Established in the year 2000, Ruparel Realty, has been constructing numerous Residential & Commercial marvels that have carved a unique niche in the world of construction. The group is currently constructing 2 million sq.ft in the prime lands of Mumbai Metropolitan Region with 2.5 lac delivered sq.ft in Navi Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The Group works with the top names in Real Estate like JW Consultants, Aakar Architects & Consultants, Eskayem Consultants, ACC and Skyway RMC to ensure timely completion of projects with no compromise in quality standards with latest construction technologies. Since its inception the company has launched 9 projects, with notable developments like Ruparel Ariana, Ruparel Iris, Ruparel Orion and Sea Palace. In the past 18 months, the group has acquired 20 acre land in Kandivali west, 5 acre lands in Parel and other developments in Western and Central suburbs. With its mass presence across the most desired areas in Mumbai, the group is on the road of substantial success. Ruparel Group believes in the right talent and spares no boundaries in hiring the best for the job. In the past 12 months the company has employed more than 100 best talents from various sectors with candidates working with the "Top 100 companies to work for in India." setting the best work culture and aiming to be the most desirable company to work for. We have set our sights on becoming the most promising & dynamic Real Estate firm in the world of construction. Our goal is to consistently provide top-notch services and to bring dreams to life through our craft. Profitable growth through innovation, trust, dedication and superior customer service is our foremost commitment.
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