property in Parel
Dosti Belleza
GD Ambekar Marg, Parel, mumbai
MAHARERA : P51900015989
Carpet Area
3.82 CR*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Dosti Belleza
Dreams are fragile. Dreams are fleeting. Dreams are unreal. But if your dreams are beautiful, and if you have a steadfast belief in the beauty of your dreams; a beautiful reality is never far away. Presenting Dosti Belleza. Indeed a refined manifestation of your delightful dreams, this stunning work of art fulfills your aspirations which you thought were ever elusive. You are invited to reach for the stars on the wings of your dreams.
A thing of beauty, is joy forever
A masterpiece of design and planning, Dosti Belleza is an elegant, majestic and a grandiose creation crafted to perfection. Radiating its splendour far and wide Dosti Belleza is a masterpiece you will easily relate with. A thing of exquisite beauty Dosti Belleza is truly a joy forever. This embodiment of pristine flamboyance, invites the connoisseurs of beautiful living to live a reality that's more beautiful than the most beautiful dream.
Connectivity to the core
Dosti Belleza, besides occupying a special place in your heart, occupies a vantage location that is seamlessly connected with the major destinations of Mumbai city. The present and the upcoming transport infrastructure around Dosti Belleza assures of a lifestyle that's convenient to the core.
Convenience up close
At Dosti Belleza you are conveniently placed with all your social, religious, educational, entertainment and daily needs being around the corner. You are stone's throw away from school, college, market, malls, theatres, temple etc. Living this up close to convenience makes your life smoother and better.
Grand welcome
The entrance of Dosti Belleza is just the beginning to the majestic lifestyle that thrives inside. It sets the ball rolling for an out of the world experience offered by Dosti Belleza.
Greenery elevated to infinity
At Dosti Belleza, it's not only the luxury but also the greenery that's placed at a height. Perched atop the podium and right at your feet is the lush green landscape smiling upon you, inviting you to be one with it. Walk the green carpet of serenity elevated to infinity.
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Podium Garden
Seating Deck With Pergola
Party Lawn
Seating Alcoves
Kids' Play Area
Walking Path
24-Hours Gated Security
CCTV Surveillance
High efficiency aluminium formwork system with block work for quality construction (Mivan technology)
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Dosti Realty has been in the real estate business for over 3 decades and delivered more than 106 properties till date, providing homes to over 7,300+ families for over 33,500 residents. Encompassing a portfolio of 8 mn. sq. ft. across Mumbai, the company has experience in various development types be it Residential, Retail, IT Parks etc. Over the years, it has been known for Aesthetics, Innovation, Quality, Timely Delivery, Trust and Transparency, Values that have built lasting relationships. The company has now expanded to other cities like Pune and Ahmedabad as well.
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